What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an entrepreneur who provides office support services remotely. Through the use of computers, internet, phone, faxes and yes, even snail mail Virtual Assistants can perform any tasks an in-house assistant, secretary or executive assistant can except maybe make coffee! 

Advantages of using a Virtual Assistant: 

  A Virtual Assistant is there when you need them and you only pay for the time you need.

  Virtual Assistants have a vested interest in providing great customer service and best quality output, their business and reputation rely on it.

  A Virtual Assistant can provide quality fill-in support for vacationing or sick employees.

  A Virtual Assistant can step-in when there is a sudden increase or overflow of work. When the flow of work decreases there are no termination headaches.

  No need for:

o       extra office space

o       investing in costly equipment

o       expensive training of new employees

o       health insurance costs

o       employment tax costs

o       workers compensation insurance costs

o       retirement plans

o       paying for coffee breaks or vacations



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